HOW TO: Puree Your Own Pumpkin


It is October here in Ohio. If you can imagine, the weather here is pretty bi-polar. But today it seems pretty normal. It’s cloudy, wet, rainy, about 52 degrees – what I would consider a pretty normal fall day… for Ohio.

With October comes pumpkins. Though, my obsession with “pumpkin everything” started a couple weeks before fall officially started. Pumpkin spice coffee, Pumpkin spice cake, Pumpkin spice Cheese Cake, you get my point. Being half way through this pregnancy, I’ve just have really taken a liking to pumpkins. I want to make pumpkin everything, meaning I want to put pumpkin IN everything… within reason. And I didn’t want to add the extra expense to my grocery budget by adding a bunch of canned pumpkin puree to my list. Let alone, not wanting to add more processed and preserved food to our diet. I’m all about trying to make things from scratch and “do it myself”.

So let’s see how I did this. It’s my first time by the way, but it turned out great!

What you will need:

A PIE pumpkin – not the carving one, but the little baby ones. I got mine for $2.00 at the farmers market.

A food processor of some sort. I used my very incompetent blender that I really don’t like and would like to get a better one…. *Hint hint to the hubby*

And I would hope you have an oven and a cookie sheet… and a spoon.

Zip-lock baggies


1) Pre-heat the oven to 375 F. And wrap a cookie sheet with foil. This helps to keep it clean and to not burn the edges.

2) Cut your pumpkin crosswise in half.

photo 2(3)

3) Scoop out the seeds. Save them and place them aside to dry! Your best friend might just love roasted pumpkin seeds.

4) Place the halves cut side down. Bake for 45 minutes.

photo 1(4)

5) The skin should be a bit darker and should be easily stabbed with a fork. Unless you want to wait until it’s cool, carefully take a spoon and peel the skin off. It may come off in one piece, but if not just peel it off in pieces. Be sure to scrape as much of the “meat” part off as you can.

photo 3(4)

6) Puree a few scoops at a time until its pureed to your liking. Then mark the zip-lock baggie with what it is and how much you put in there – I put 1 1/2 C because that is usually what most recipes call for.
*Tip: Fold the opening of the baggie over once and then dollop the puree in. It will cut down on the messiness of the bag.

photo 3(3)

7) Freeze. Then next time you want to use it for baking, just take it out a few hours before, or boil it til it’s thawed. You may need to drain the excess water… or just adjust your recipe.

photo 4(2)

Ta-da! You pureed your own pumpkin! Congrats! I paid $2.00 for that pumpkin and got about $5.00 worth of puree out of it! That’s about 5 cups worth…And really, it was quite easy to do!

What is your favorite Pumpkin recipe?


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