Accepting the Facts – A Crazy Pregnant Lady’s Post

I’m on baby number two and I would like to give a stern “mommy look” to all those who told me, “the next one will be easier…” and then share their glorious pregnancy stories with me. Meanwhile, I’m staring at the restroom, green in the face and wanting to punch kittens. {That is a metaphor. I couldn’t ever punch a kitty.}

When I was pregnant with my first son, I denied it for two weeks. The weekend before I took the test, my hubby and I were at a youth retreat and I was completely out of character. {Most embarrassing moment…ever.} I noticed I was eating less and was very picky with food choices. Which, you’ll learn that I’m not very picky at all. I’m a complete foodie. My good friend even noticed before I knew what hit me. She predicted I would drink more than one glass of water at lunch one day, and sure enough I think I drank 3 full glasses. I still wasn’t convinced. So I got blood work done and the nurse called back and said, “Yes, you are definitely pregnant.”
I was working 4am-7am at FedEx at the time. I stayed there about 3 more months and realized that puking my guts out for 2 of the 3 hours at work was not fair to them, or me. However, I was sick for a total of 8 months with that kid!
September 11th 2012 came around, and that kid still wasn’t out so I was induced and had him at 3:31pm on September 13th. He was 9 pounds 11 ounces, 23 inches long with a 14 inch round head… yes, I had him naturally. I’ll leave the gory details for another post and I’ll try to refrain from my comments on the ignorant anesthesiologist that went through two packs on me for the epidural that didn’t even work all the way cause she didn’t do it right. {Sigh… easy Miss.}
Anyway, after my little toddler was born, it seemed I got a bit spoiled with an angel of a baby. The first two months of breast feeding was a bit difficult. I wasn’t producing enough for the monster to eat! But after some adjustments, everything worked out fine. After two and half months he slept ALL the way through the night. 8pm to 8am. {Yeah, that’s a bit shocking.}

I had the dream of having 6 kids, homeschooling all of them and homesteading. Like those families you see and wonder how they do it and why the mother is not in an institute due to insanity. Yeah, I wanted that. But as life rolled on, things changed and we realized our dreams weren’t lining up very well with God’s dreams.
Months went by, then years went by and my little baby boy is now 2 years old. {Sniff} In the spring before his second birthday, I found out that I was expecting another little angel. I’m not sure why, but it seems that it’s best not to even know that you’re pregnant, because as soon as I found out for sure that I was expecting, the sickness and living hell swept in. I know of people who went 5 months and didn’t even realize they were pregnant. {I don’t even know either.} Why couldn’t I be one of those people? Shoot, only 4 more months and you’re done!
Nope, not me. With my second one on the way, I ended up in the ER for fluids my first month because I went 2 weeks not being able to keep anything down. After drinking even more water than I was, I continued to throw up almost every other day. I didn’t eat anything due to no appetite and well, throwing it all up. I lost 5 pounds. I was miserable. Woe is me, pat me on the back, and give me a good get well wish. My first half went like this. I hardly ate, therefore I hardly gained. On top of that, I had “baby pains” way early. You know what I’m talking about, the cramping and stretching of ligaments that makes you paranoid and check to see if you’re bleeding or dying every hour. I was more stressed during this pregnancy. And the extra thoughts and cautions I had due to being so sick and in so much pain stressed me out even more. Which isn’t good for you. {Note: Do NOT… DO NOT… go on the internet and look up your symptoms when you’re pregnant…. JUST DON’T}
I hit the half way mark and things started to get better… sickness wise. I gained my appetite back, and so far at 27 weeks I have gained 15 pounds! {That’s actually an accomplishment, don’t hate me} However – and this is my main problem and reason I’m posting – I’m an over achiever and have no limits on what I allow myself to do and don’t know what “take it easy” means. I’m restless. SO! When I started feeling better, I started doing more things such as moving furniture, cleaning more, doing NORMAL things. Yeah, you can’t do normal things when you’re pregnant. You are NOT normal. You are NOT an average person. You are NOT the person you were before conception. You are a totally different and abnormal woman who is brewing the next president of the United States inside your little belly. You are weak, you are fragile, you are the most important thing right now. AND THAT IS OK!!!

Look, I’m not saying sit on your bum and eat chocolate cake and milk shakes every day and not do ANYTHING. {Though, I realize there are some that have to do that} But, realize you are pregnant and need to limit your regular activities.

I don’t know how to be pregnant. I don’t know what I should or shouldn’t do. There are books and books on what you should avoid and what you should do to make things easier, but I don’t read and I don’t have time to read because I’m too busy doing the things I shouldn’t be doing. I can’t help myself. I see something that needs done, so I go and do it. I don’t have the humility to ask for help. I don’t have the patience to wait and have someone else do it for me. I see the couch needs moved, so I move it. I see I need to do 3 loads of laundry and carry an over loaded basket up two flights of stair 6 times, so I do it. My son wants to wrestle and be thrown around {safely}, so I play with the kid. I try to load my arms as full as I can with bags of groceries. I do WAY too much. I’m not even that big and at the time, I felt perfectly fine!

BUT! I put myself in danger and ended up in Labor and Deliver due to some pressing signs of labor. Back pain, leakage, hard stomach… Everything turned out to be OK. However, that gave me and my hubby a bit of a scare. Just to clarify, I assured and manipulated my hubby into letting myself do these things. I told him and myself that I was fine. I wasn’t fine. I learned that day at the hospital that I am pregnant and that I can’t do everything.

During all of this, I have decided that I don’t do pregnant well. This will be our last biological child. Adoption is an option in the future for us. But, not only did I decide that base on me not doing this very well, I also feel spiritually that God has a plan for us that doesn’t involve a house full of kids. Maybe that is why he allowed me to have such eventful pregnancies. I’m not sure.

My point is, when you experience being pregnant, EXPERIENCE IT! Allow yourself to be pregnant. Don’t deny it, don’t try to continue normal things, stop when your body tells you to stop, learn what your body is saying, and do NOT be afraid to call your OB for every complaint! That day I was hesitant in calling because I thought I was complaining too much, ended up being the day that something serious could be happening. I was lucky and was able to realize what I needed to change. You are being super woman enough by growing a human inside you!

Take it easy and do as I say, not as I do!

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